Tea Party Action Conference – November 15-17, 2013


Tea Party Action Conference 2013


November 15-17, 2013

DoubleTree by Hilton Richmond Midlothian,

1021 Koger Center Boulevard, Richmond VA 23235

“Changing the Rules of the Game”




Any elected officials you want to replace ?

TN Center for Self Governance – LEVEL I

Become empowered to influence Legislators, policy and elections.   http://www.tncsg.org/

Among their many successes, graduates of the TNCSG series of classes recalled the Colorado gun-grabbers

AND THEN got their candidates elected to fill the seats.

BREAKING NEWS: They have started recall of a 3rd Progressive! (Establishment objects J)

1st  half, Friday 1-5:30pm, 2nd half Saturday 2-6pm.    ( Level II will be given Jan 4th)

(TNCSG ticket required)



Turn the tables – Beat them with their own strategy!

Rules for Radicals

The Leadership Institute’s most “In-Demand” program – Friday evening

(For serious hard-core organizers and tacticians)

Friday, 6-7pm – Part I:  “Tactical Warfare” / The Context of Saul Alinsky.

Friday, 8-9pm – Part II:  “The 13 Rules” /  Grassroots  strategizing  vis a vis the Alinskyites.

Effectively engage and communicate using  their own Rules.


A Solution as big as the Problem!

“The Liberty Amendments” – Convention of States

Dr. Michael Farris – The FAQs / The Plan – Saturday morning

The Federal Government is broken. Washington D.C. will never voluntarily relinquish its power. Left unchecked, the government will continue to bankrupt this nation and destroy the liberty of the people. It is time for citizens and the States to act and thanks to the Founding Fathers we have the solution – ARTICLE V






  • Crisis Management – Chris Doss, Leadership Institute
  • Fight Stormwater regulations and the EPA – Rich Rothschild, County commissioner, MD
  • Convention of States – Implementing   ‘The Plan’- Dr. Farris, Convention of States.com
  • Start Twittering Today – Have BIG influence (Bring smart phone- Leave Twittering) Melody Scalley,
  • Intro to running for office – Thought about becoming a Candidate? Matt  Robbins, American Majority
  • Turn ideas into action  – Successful Project PlanningKris Allen, Engineer, Business Consultant,
  • Building Our Conservative Majority –  Russ Moulton
  • Grow Your Group / Best Practices – Erin Ryan (back by popular demand)
  • Minority Outreach  – Leah Durant, Terry Beatley
  • Taking your message outside the Tea Party  – Matt Robbins, American Majority
  • How to prosper in the financial crisis – back by popular demand, 2013 update – Charles Kraut
  • Make Heritage Action your partner – Melody Scalley



Informal meetups

(Saturday 6-7pm)

  • 7th District Residents – chat room
  • VIRGINIA FREE CITIZEN – Help shape public opinion.
  • CoLA Issue Teams – (TNSCG class highly recommended for CoLA activists)


(Sunday Morning)

GOD  –  Rev. Muhlenberg  (AKA, Travis Witt)  Back by popular demand

GUNS  –  Philip Van Cleave, VCDL,  1st appearance

GOLD  – (Personal  Finance)  Charles Kraut – Back by popular demand

GRUB  – East Coast Food Storage, Bob Parker  – Virginia’s own preparedness store.

GAB  – Ham radio (communications) – TBD

Also on Sunday morning -TOP WORKSHOPS REPEATED


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