STOP the Meals (Prepared Food)Tax


  •  A meals tax targets working people and families juggling kids and jobs.
  •  A permanent 4% meals tax is aimed at you. It taxes restaurants, convenience stores, fast food, fountain drinks, deli sandwiches and catering – even boxed lunches and your popcorn at the movies.
  •  Meals tax revenue goes into the county GENERAL FUND.  These funds are NOT dedicated to our schools (no Lock Box).  Each year the county school budget is up for vote by the County Board of Supervisors.
  •  100% of Henrico residents will pay this tax.
  •  Add the 4% meals tax to the 5.3% sales tax and you will pay an extra $9.30 for every $100 spent.
  •   A meals tax requires more tax collectors, auditors, enforcers and paperwork.  
  •  Unlike the real estate tax, a meals tax is non-deductible on your income taxes.

To see more informative videos about the Henrico Meals Tax(VOTE NO!) go to

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