Important HB 1322: Call your representative!

Dear Fellow Patriots,

We were unsuccessful in our attempts to get HB 1322 assigned to a different House of Delegates Committee and Sub-Committee.

It is again assigned to the House Court of Justice Committee and the Sub-Committee Civil #2.

The Sub-Committee will hear HB 1322 on Friday, January 11th 1/2 hour after adjournment.  Please be there by 10:00 AM to show your support for this bill. Adjournment is EARLY tomorrow!

If you cannot attend, please call your our representatives and the Sub-Committee members listed below in the details.

Find Your Legislator here:


  • HB 1322 will ensure that all residents of Virginia are afforded their constitutional rights and due process under both the Virginia and US Constitution and Bill of Rights regardless of national origin, ethnicity, gender, age or religion.
  • The United States and the Commonwealth of Virginia are unsurpassed in their dedication to safeguarding the rights of individual citizens regardless of age, national origin, ethnicity, gender or religion. 
  • As the birthplace of the Bill of Rights, Virginia requires no guidance from foreign systems of jurisprudence to safeguard the right of its citizens.

Iaquinto (Chairman), Kilgore, Loupassi, Habeeb, Farrell, Minchew, Johnson, Toscano, McClellan

Date of Meeting: January 11, 2013
Time and Place: 01/11/2013; 1/2 hour after adjournment of House; HR D
No full Committee meeting.

H.B. 1322 Application of foreign law in Virginia courts; decisions concerning domestic relations.

Patron: Morris

Application of foreign law in Virginia courts; domestic relations. Provides that if a court, arbitrator, administrative agency, or other adjudicative or enforcement authority bases its decision in a domestic relations matter on foreign law, and such decision violates a person’s rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution and Constitution of Virginia, then such decision will be void as violative of the public policy of the Commonwealth.

A BILL to amend the Code of Virginia by adding in Title 20 a chapter numbered 10, consisting of sections numbered 20-16620-167, and 20-168, relating to the application of foreign law in Virginia courts; domestic relations.

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