FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TEA PARTY SUPPORTS BRAT DECISION CALLS FOR SAME FROM VA REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP Henrico County, Virginia, January 5th, 2014 The Henrico County TEA Party strongly supports 7th District Representative Dave Brat’s opposition to John Boehner as the returning Speaker of the House in tomorrow’s vote and challenges the rest of the Virginia Republican […]

7th District Assembly

On Saturday, July 26th, 26 Conservative, Liberty and Republican Leaders in the 7th District met in the Community Center at The Bass Pro Shop in Ashland. At first islands unto themselves, but then a dialog began and the walls started to come tumbling down. In the end, the beginnings of unity and coalition started to develop. […]

Tea Party Action Conference – November 15-17, 2013

Tea Party Action Conference 2013 November 15-17, 2013 DoubleTree by Hilton Richmond Midlothian, 1021 Koger Center Boulevard, Richmond VA 23235 “Changing the Rules of the Game” DON’T MISS IT! YOU’LL BECOME MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE!   Any elected officials you want to replace ? TN Center for Self Governance – LEVEL I Become empowered to […]

STOP the Meals (Prepared Food)Tax

   A meals tax targets working people and families juggling kids and jobs.  A permanent 4% meals tax is aimed at you. It taxes restaurants, convenience stores, fast food, fountain drinks, deli sandwiches and catering – even boxed lunches and your popcorn at the movies.  Meals tax revenue goes into the county GENERAL FUND.  These […]