Henrico County Budget

Ready for Approval




$17,771.00 for “Food Supplies and Food Service Supplies” for the Board of Supervisors  – WHAT?

$33,109.00 for “Other Operating Supplies” and $18,641.00 for “Other Professional Services”   (boy, that’s specific) for the County Manager -HUH?

Not to mention the $330,000.00 we as taxpayers are paying out for someone else’s child free summer day camp!

And they say they’ve cut the budget to the bone and need to add a “Meals Tax” to our county.


Last Thursday evening at the Glen Allen Library, 32 citizens of Henrico County plus one very helpful Stafford County BOS Chair (Thanks Susan Stimpson!), made our way through the 2013-2014 Proposed Budget. We read, discussed, strategized, and came up with a plan to enact on Tuesday, April 9th, 6pm in the Board Room of the Administration Bldg at the Government Center, 4301 East Parham Road (map).         

We’ve designated one person from each of the five districts (Brookland, Fairfield, Tuckahoe, Three Chopt, and Varina) to ask a very specific question of their Board member. This has already been established, but we need your help to show up in numbers. At the end of our questioning, during the public comment session, one of our leaders is going to ask that all who came to show their distress to the proposed budget stand up. This is why we need you there. We need big numbers to say to the Board that we are awake, watching, and it will not be business as usual anymore.

Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early to get a seat.

**FOR THOSE IN THE BROOKLAND DISTRICT, we really need a good turnout from you as Dick Glover is the strongest and most verbal proponent of the $330,000.00 free “SUMMER BLAST” program.

*We have one suggestion that could add approx. 7.2 Million dollars in NEW revenue to the County that you probably thought you were paying for already (one of our questions). Did you know that the majority of localities in Virginia charge for EMS (Emergency Medical Services), yet Henrico County gives this service away for free? Based on the Fifteen City/County Comparison (December 2012), the average fee that surrounding localities charge is $477 dollars. Henrico County took 30,186 EMS calls for service in 2012. Using this average charge, if Henrico County were able to recover even HALF of these costs, that would be nearly $7.2 million dollars of NEW revenue that is directly derived from a service provider. Insurance Premiums include coverage for this service. Henrico residents  also pay for this as part of our Real-estate tax bills. In essence, Henrico residents have been charged TWICE for this same service. Will the Board of Supervisors consider adding a fee to cover EMS service calls?

Again, we need your help. Just show up!

Enraged but ENGAGED!

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